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Artist: Haxirai
Album: Pneumatic Orgasm
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Source: CDDA
Type: Album
Label: One Foot Groove
Catalog Nr.: 1FGCD004
Release Date: May-02-2010
Tracks: 09
Length: 71:37 min
Bitrate: avg. 201kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Size: 103,8 MB


01 War In Space 08:11
02 Mind Tool 07:47
03 Kistuс Inlerс 07:42
04 Ant's Party 07:23
05 Red Island 07:00
06 Old Fairy Tale 09:56
07 Devaga Rinhovai 07:17
08 Oscar Attack 08:00
09 Pneumatic Orgasm 08:21

Release Notes:

Haxirai is a Portuguese solo project created by Pedro Rosario, who started to play piano at the age of 8, moving on to drums at 13 and refusing to stop.Pedro gained musical experience by involving himself with various projects and albums with acts such as Lovdxit (punk rock), Hijack (reggae/ska) and Tara Perdida (punk rock).It was in 2000, after attending that year's Boom Festival, that Pedro decided to try his hand at producing trance music, joining efforts with Paulo Santos in 2001, creating Clockwise - one of Portugal's first trance projects.After producing music for six years, Pedro decided to embark on another musical journey, merging his past experience as a drummer with his more recent skill-set of electronic music production, and Haxirai was born.Having performed in various countries like Brazil (Universo Paralello, Groove4Nation, Tripping, etc.), Portugal (Crystal Matrix, Good Trance) and Spain (Psyseed), he has received great reviews on both his music and live performances.




Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 892 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 03.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Meller
Album: 8th Sense
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Source: WEB
Type: EP
Label: Elektro-Lyte Records
Catalog Nr.: ELYTE010
Release Date: May-02-2010
Tracks: 03
Length: 21:56 min
Bitrate: 320kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Size: 50,3 MB


01 Meller - 8th Sense 07:38
02 Meller - Robot Monsters (E-Mix) 07:14
03 Villa Violet - Elastic 07:04

Release Notes:

With Releases on well known labels such as Plusquam, Sun Projekt, or Spintwist, as well as numerous Compilations, Meller prove to be a constant factor in the psychadellic music scene.With this new EP the also introduce their new Project "Villa Violet".Drawing on influences from older works, but at the same time fusing it with a fantastic updated sound, this EP will no doubt be one of the progressive releases of the year.



Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1068 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 03.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Goasia
Album: Dancing With The Blue Spirit
Type: Album
Genre: Goa
Style: Goa Trance
Label: Kagdila Records
CatalogNr: KAGCD127
Url: http://kagdilarecords.com/
Rel.date: 01.05.2010
Str.date: 30.04.2010
Source: CDDA
Grabber: EAC 0.99 prebeta 4
Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 10
Size: 106,31 MB
Length: 79:34


01. Black Kahva 09:31
02. How Deep Is Your Trip 07:37
03. Dancing With The Blue Spirit 07:29
04. Avatar 08:23
05. Etnic City 07:39
06. Visitors 08:32
07. Sabotage 08:27
08. Terra Incognita 07:36
09. Transonic Fields 08:03
10. Reach New Land 06:17

Release Notes:

Yeah, we all know those two Goa minds from southern part of Europe, but it’s good to say that Goasia project exists since year 2000.It became more active on the trance scene after 3-4 years, since Kanc Cover aka OPSY came into a project and joined Balint Tihamer. Bunch of studio equipment directed to sound, represented trough the tracks, and resulted on many worlds’ releases at various labels. So, for example, we can mention some of the first releases that came on Suntrip, Cosmicleaf, Kagdila Rec, Unicorn Music, USTA Rec, etc..In year 2006 Goasia published a collaboration album with Greek goa trance artist Omegahertz for Unicorn Music. After that release and few more singles on other labels, at the end of 2007, in November, this project made their first solo album under the name "From Other Spaces" and published it for goa trance label "Suntrip Records" from Belgium, and became the official Suntrip artist. Excellent vibes and reviews of this release, opened to Goasia new offers for promoting their music all over the world...After a while, about 2 and a half years, some compilations and EPs later, Goasia decided to unite the newly composed material on the media that will present their new album right here, on Kagdila Records. Definition of the album can be described as a fusion of the morning, sometimes melancholic sound and cheerful forest environment. Of course, all spiced with the energetic, cosmic and ethnic melodies. The return to the good old spirit of beautiful Goa Trance music in a totally new form of high-quality production, many consumers will notice on this album.Open your ears and read about the Blue Spirit!!!





Категория: Goa Trance | Просмотров: 1366 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 02.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Fullon Dreams
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Date: 01-05-2010
Year: 2010
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Catalognr: VIRUSCD03
Playtime: 76:25 min
Company: Virus Tekk Records
Size: 175,2 MB
Url: http://www.myspace.com/virustekkrecords
Type: Album
Source: LossLess


01.Atomic Pulse - Bio Mind [08:20]
02.Timelock - 7 Minutes [07:01]
03.X-Trix & Perplex & Mairo Such - Feel Music [06:37]
04.Bad Boys & K-Isuma - What Are You Going to Do [06:44]
05.Onyx & Loud - Past Progressive [08:14]
06.Minds - Diger [07:47]
07.X-Noise - Gangster [07:38]
08.Ptx & Panik - Digem [07:42]
09.Injection - Back to India [07:57]
10.U-Recken & Nitro - Sunburns [08:25]

Release Notes:

After a while of being out of buisness, Virus Tekk Records is back on Track with 'Fullon Dreams' compiled by Dj K-Isuma. This cd provides you a seriouse collection of Israels Top acts, which will blast away your mind and dancefloors allover, so get ready and fasten seatbelts.



Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 1041 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 02.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist .....: Audiotec
Album ......: Artrance
Type .......: Album
Genre ......: Psychedelic
Style ......: Full-on
Label ......: Parabola Records
CatalogNr.: xxx
Rel.date…: 01.05.2010
Str.date…: 02.04.2010
Source .....: CDDA
Grabber….: EAC 0,95 beta 3
Encoder….: Lame 3,97 - V 2 --vbr-new
Quality….: 320 kbps/44,1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Tracks .....: 10
Size .......: 146.68 Mb


1. Artrance
2. Sextival
3. Distorted Mind (Audiotec vs Apocalypce)
4. Modern Music (Audiotec vs Perlook)
5. The lest first born (Audiotec rmx)
6. Jumper (Audiotec vs Ananda Shake)
7. Flash Forward
8. World of fantazy (Audiotec vs Faders)
9. The sound of goodbye (Audiotec vs Stereomatic)

Audiotec's 3rd Studio Album.
The phenomenal success of Audiotec (Israeli-born Miki Damski) with 'The Magic of Love' and 'Freak Show' on Utopia Records, brought a lot of attention to this multifaced talent and highly sought-after DJ artist.'Freak Show', Autiotec's anticipated second album, picks up where 'Magic' left off. It is a brilliant result of an intense year-long process of writing and producing while rocking Trance festivals all over Europe, Brazil and Japan.'Artrance' fabulously unique and powerful energy, which is characterized by an especially potent full-on style, features nine carefully selected tracks, including explosive collaborations with Apocalypce, Perlook, Ananda Shake, Faders and Stereomatic.


Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 1228 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 02.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Gaia Tek 3
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Source: CDDA
Type: Compilation
Label: Fractal Records
Link: http://www.fractalrecords.ch/gt3.html
Catalog Nr: FRACT009
Release Date: Apr 30.2010
Track: 10
Playtime: 79:47 min
Bitrate: Avg 204kbps
Quality: 44.1khz / Joint-Stereo
Release Size: 116,9 Mb


1 Mekkanikka - Killing Narcos (06:49)
2 Outer Signal - Holly Shit (07:34)
3 Freeze - Balilobali (07:46)
4 Brainwash vs. Khopat - Factory Preset (08:30)
5 Karma Crop (Sidhartha vs. Khopat) - QQC (08:02)
6 Alienn - Extreme Moment (07:50)
7 Sidhartha - Magnus Magnum (08:35)
8 Supercell - Core Punch (08:14)
9 Speedball - Human Contact (08:39)
10 Hyperactive - Euphoric Mind (07:48)

Release Notes:

Fractal Records proudly presents Gaia-Tek the third episode.The mystical princess is back on earth, once again reloaded with pure energy for the world. This new audiogram from Gaia is compiled by Solaris & Meltdown, two big partners and brilliant deejay, that share the same vision to spread the Fractal wave through incredible music for the world. This masterpiece is a collection of powerful tracks from well-known artist from around the world .In this compilation listeners can find the work of special guests like Mekkanikka, Outer Signal, Speedball, and Alienn. It also includes a unique track of an exclusive cooperation from Kophat vs Brainwash, and other from the new rising project from Sidartha vs Khopat aka Karmacrop. From our Fractal Artists the compilation presents amazing material from Supercell, Brainwash, Sidhartha, Freeze and Hyperactive, always full of energy to shake your body & soul .Enjoy this new chapter.




Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1360 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Retrodelic Vibes 5
Genre: Goa
Style: Goa Trance
Source: WEB
Type: Compilation
Label: Avatar Records
Catalog Nr.: AVA061
Release Date: Apr-28-2010
Tracks: 09
Length: 73:27 min
Bitrate: 320kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Full Stereo
Size: 168,2 MB


01 Z To A - Next Stop Oblivion 07:58
02 Earth Nation - Alienated 07:36
03 Man With No Name - No Name 08:27
04 Technossomy - The Joker 08:26
05 Mandra Gora - Wicked Warp 08:12
06 Crop Circles - Different Species 08:15
07 Morphem - Montage 08:34
08 Jaia - Mai Mai 09:22
09 Domino - A Star Is Born 06:37

Release Notes:

This album is crystallized and at the same time has a slight diversity in style.What were gonna do right here is go back, back in time, back to the forests, back to the open air.Welcome to Retrodelic Vibes 5. RV is the melting pot of Goa trance and has been crowned numerous times by connoisseurs as the official trance bible. The RV series features some of the best trance tunes from the good ole' days. After letting the dust settle from RV 4, we can clearly say that this 5th chapter features timeless and eternal tracks from the heart of the party scene. All lovingly re-mastered and sound improved specially for this compilation by no other than Avi Algranati, who gave a strong back wind to the project.The making of RV5 was not an easy challenge. After going over dozens of old DAT tapes, and after taking in consideration special requests from people and friends all over the world, we have managed to come up with this exquisite and impressive track list. Among the tracks are a few that there is no telling how many of us have been looking for.The projection of The Retrodelic Vibes enterprise left its fingerprints and goes beyond this album. There is no controversy about its contribution in preserving the roots and foundations of today's music.



Категория: Goa Trance | Просмотров: 1250 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Are You Jivin Yet?
Genre: Psychedelic
Source: CDDA
Type: Compilation
Label: Adapted Records
Catalog Nr.: ADAPTED06
Release Date: Apr-28-2010
Tracks: 10
Length: 77:08 min
Bitrate: avg. 201kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Size: 110,9 MB

01 Electrypnose - Lets Shaggy 09:57
02 Self Existence - Monkey Phonics (Freeform Human Rmx) 07:52
03 Talpa - Human Error 05:38
04 Oxya - Rabbit With A Habit 08:19
05 Terrafractyl - Order Within Chaos 06:46
06 Sattel Battle - Homegrown (Neuron Composts 'New Foliage' Mix) 10:34
07 Self Existence - Time Slip 07:39
08 Decibel - Ancient Worlds 07:59
09 Terrafractyl - Only So Much Oil Rmx 06:46
10 Pimperknuckle - Caliente Dude Triple A 05:38

Release Notes:
Adapted Records is back in 2010!
We are pround to present you with our second compilation featuring many Australian artists alongside well known internationals. Each track is chock-a-block full of powerful funk and twisted, twangy melodies.Overcome your dancefloor stage fright and let the sensational vibrations pumping out the speakers and running through your veins build up into a wave of utter bliss. Your body, mind and soul will be thoroughly entertained and dancing with delight by the time the curtain closes.'Are You Jivin' Yet?' has a broad diversity for morning psytrance lovers,there's something in there for everyone!
Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1408 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Brainzcrew
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark, Forest
Label: Parvati Records
Hyperlink: http://www.parvati-records.com/
Catalog: N/A
Medium: WEB > WAV
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-04-00
Release.Date: 2010-04-28
Tracks: 9 Tracks
Playtime: 71:18 min
Release.Size: 110.81MB

1. Farebi Jalebi - Hollywood Muscles 7:42
2. Insane Behavior - Devils Debate 6:37
3. Kerlivin - R U OK 8:11
4. Flipknot & Fuzulu - Alien Medicine 8:09
5. Ectogasmics - Drumstains 7:54
6. Syndzadza - Ulitka 7:49
7. Speakerhuggers - Switchboard 8:33
8. Gidra - Gridlines 7:48
9. Purosurpo - Hello World 8:35

Release Notes:
Parvati Records is happy to present this new compilation the second produced in this year 2010 when we celebrate our 10th anniversary. 10 years dedicated to Psychedelic Trance!After the very recent success of our latest V/A Parvatrip, our Label Dj Ilse has been assembling for the first time a compilation for Parvati Records. His choice of the tracks featured in Brainzcrew is absolutly coherent with the Label's philosophy, Psychedelia, Psychedelia and again Psychedelia!
Категория: Dark Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1114 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Universo Paralello 10
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive, Psy-Trance
Date: Apr-27-2010
Year: 2010
Encoder: Lame 3.97 v0
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 10
Playtime: 79:21 min
Size: 138,7 MB
Url: http://www.vagalumerecords.com.br
Label: Vagalume Records
Cat Nr: VGL-CD-007
Type: Album
Supplier: NCR
Source: CDDA


01.The First Stone - Summer Of Love 07:47
02.28 & Logica - Mind The Gap 08:08
03.Burn In Noise & Altruism - Dance My Trance 08:13
04.The First Stone - Space People (28) 07:52
05.Logica - Hey 07:17
06.Tristan - Pretty Freak 07:38
07.Circuit Breakers - 10 Years After 07:47
08.Legacy - New Times 07:55
09.Aerophobia - Sand & Stars 08:03
10.The First Stone - Jimi 08:41

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1232 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Motion Drive
Album: In The Dirt
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Source: CDDA
Type: Album
Catalog Nr.: INM1CD041
Release Date: Apr-28-2010
Tracks: 09
Length: 74:09 min
Bitrate: avg. 194kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Size: 103,5 MB


01 Atoms 09:17
02 Dropout 08:02
03 Facts Of Life 07:37
04 In The Dirt 08:20
05 The Journey 08:42
06 Heart Of The Sun 07:57
07 Stars 08:02
08 Simulated Experience 08:19
09 Hypnotized 07:53

Release Notes:

Finally Motion Drive is ready to delight the crowd with his 1st album a sophisticated result of his mature production work.Being one part of the legendary psytrance projects 'Rumble Pack' and 'Blue Vortex', he already has successfully released two albums and played countless gigs on almost every major Festival in Europe. In 2006 Philip Guillaume has formed his solo-project 'Motion Drive' which was dedicated to progressive trance. In short time the first tracks appeared on compilations from labels like Iboga, Iono Music, Spintwist, Blue Tunes, Domo etc. Soon he was asked to rmx some of the biggest Artists like Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura and Emok/Maelstrom. After some busy years in- and outside his studio, Philip is back with his debut album which is now ready to rumble all international dance floors.So get ready for this very elaborated album which includes 9 intelligent productions and which can not be placed under a particular tag.It is expressing those individual and personal ideas of electronic dance music Philip is well known for. The listeners will find tracks in a wide range from stomping off-beat to groovy progressive which contains unique themes and deep clubby build-ups, offering a funky and groovy mix between trance and house.This fantastic album will find its place in the first row of your CD collection for sure.Don't miss it! 


Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1491 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Emotional Beat
Album: Distant Future
Date: 19.04.2010
Style: Full-on
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Number of Tracks: 4
Playtime: 26:18 min
Size: 60 mb


01 Emotional Beat-Dance Contact
02 Emotional Beat-All For The Trip
03 Emotional Beat-Distant Future
04 Emotional Beat-Radio Galaxy

Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 967 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Progressive Order 001
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Source: WEB
Type: Compilation
Label: Planet B.E.N. Records
Catalog Nr.: PBRD0047
Release Date: Apr-26-2010
Tracks: 10
Length: 72:57 min
Bitrate: 320kbps
Samplingrate: 44,1kHz
Mode: Full Stereo
Size: 167,2 MB
01 Puzzle - Flow Control 08:16
02 Tacit - Decelarate (Terahert Remix) 07:12
03 Abstract Sunrise - Time To Groove 07:20
04 Strange Doctors vs Viram - Little Strange Dream II 07:02
05 Tacit - Humanizer 06:38
06 Tzolkin - The Missing G 07:03
07 Zoetropes - Selecta 07:06
08 Zolarium - Casual Beats 06:45
09 Diwonova - Stuff It 07:41
10 Erotic Dream - 1945 (Analog Drink Remix) 07:54

Release Notes:
This compilation Progressive Order 001 was released on Planet B.E.N. Records on 2009-10-20.
Facing the low sales of cd's Planet B.E.N. Records is releasing music now only in a digital way on legal download portals like beatport, juno download, itunes, audio jelly, etc.
If you like this release, please buy it, support the artists to be able to make more great tunes like these!

Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1042 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: FFT
Album: Unity In Science
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Hyperlink: http://www.dacru.be/
Catalog: DAC1CD013
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-04-00
Release.Date: 2010-04-27
Tracks: 8 Tracks
Playtime: 67:46 min
Release.Size: 96.88 MB


1. The Fraggle Therapy 8:25
2. Spirit Molecule 8:14
3. Language Of My Reality 8:37
4. Nexus 836 9:05
5. Unity In Science 8:51
6. Loneliness Of The Long Distance Traveller 8:55
7. Do Your Worst 7:45
8. Mandragora Filipina (FFT RMX) 7:54

Release Notes:

Keeping it psychedelic and most of all jam-packed with energy, has been like a religion to Marcos Sanchez (F.F.T/Lamat) throughout these past few years. Still a strong contender in today's psychedelic scene, Marcos brings us the third and finest F.F.T album yet. The progress he has made in both the Lamat project, as well as F.F.T, has earned him a place amongst the great ones of our time. 'Unity of Science' is guaranteed to please the existing fan-base, and strike the newcomers with awe, as Marcos will find a way of making you dance, time after time. Stay tuned for his future projects at Dacru Records, as they are bound to prove what we already know... The best is yet to come.
Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 1010 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Musica Humana Vol 1
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Hyperlink: http://www.myspace.com/phoenixgrooverecords
Catalog: PGR1CD001
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-04-00
Release.Date: 2010-04-27
Tracks: 9 Tracks
Playtime: 73:45 min
Release.Size: 114.54MB


1. Hi Profile - Feather 8:54
2. Sensogram - White Cloud 7:52
3. Andromeda - Sensation (Infinity RMX) 8:42
4. Progenitor - Brain Bubless 8:07
5. Infinity - 2012 (feat Meander) 8:25
6. Hi Profile - Stereo Interleaved 7:42
7. Sensogram - Another Restless Night 7:53
8. Hi Profile - Waterfall 8:03
9. Argonnight - Wet Dreams 8:07

Release Notes:

Phoenix Groove present their very first installation with 'Musica Humana Vol1'.
If you are familiar with the myth of the Phoenix then you will know that it was reborn from its own ashes. In much the same way, the long-awaited compilation from Phoenix Groove Records is finally on!Phoenix Groove present their very first installation with 'Musica Humana Vol1', a well blended mixture of tastes and flavours, carefully selected and ready to deliver. Ranging from high-peak moods to the most memorable mellows, each track tells its own individual story. You might say that this is a small festival locked up and squeezed into CD format. The Phoenix Groove crew was extra careful with this one, not only because of the fact that it is their virginal attempt, but also because of their high standards and long-term aims.This very first offer is the catalyst that will inspire and leave a unique aroma on the audience. Under The Tree Studios have already tested and double-checked the music on the floors, so there is no room for doubt in your mind. Invest in this compilation and feel the difference.
Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1102 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Title: Diamonds Volume 4
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Label: Plusquam Records
Language: English
Street Date: 2010-04-21
Release Date: 2010-04-24
Quality: 320kbps 44100kHz Full Stereo
Source: WEB Store
Tracks: 10
Size: 181.31 megs
Discs: 1
Encoder: LAME v3.97
Grabber: EAC


1. Liquid Soul - Skyline [7:42]
2. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle - Jey & EX Remix [7:19]
3. Earsugar and DJ Pena - KISS [7:16]
4. Freq - Short Life Again [7:12]
5. Liquid Soul - Clean Mind [8:01]
6. Nyquist - Flatline [5:59]
7. Johnson & Fusi - Trouble Galaxy [8:13]
8. Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - City Lights [8:14]
9. Presslaboys - Boh [7:08]
10. Criss Source - Flash - Khainz Remix [6:55]
Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1008 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist(s): Echotek
Title: Feel EP
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Prog
Record Label: TimeStretch Music
Catalogue Number: TS1003
Source: WEB
Quality: 319kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration: 00:22:36 (51.7MB)
Release Date: 26–04–2010
Support: http://www.audiojelly.com


1. Feel 8:40
2. Mr.Congo 6:46
3. Chosen Patterns 7:10
Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1105 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Комментарии (0)

artist....: Kishanara
album.....: The Element
type......: WEB
genre.....: Psychedelic
style.....: Psy-Trance
label.....: Goasence Records
catalognr.: 10015424
url.......: N/A
rel.date..: 2010.04.26
str.date..: 2010.04.12
source....: WEB > MP3
grabber...: UNKNOWN
encoder...: LAME3.98r
quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
tracks....: 3
size......: 67,15 MB
length....: 29:20


01. Da Trax 08:07
02. Goamaster 10:49
03. Sie Sind Unter Uns 10:24

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artist....: The Psy Intelligence
album.....: Structural Defect
type......: WEB
genre.....: Psychedelic
style.....: Psy-Trance
label.....: Soundlager Records
catalognr.: 10015697
url.......: http://www.soundlagerrecords.com/
rel.date..: 2010.04.26
str.date..: 2010.04.20
source....: WEB > MP3
grabber...: UNKNOWN
encoder...: LAME3.98r
quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
tracks....: 8
size......: 128,68 MB
length....: 56:11

01. Flip Forward 06:51
02. Particle Dreams (Angels And Deamons Rmx) 07:07
03. Structural Defect 07:48
04. Acid Twister 06:58
05. Delay Strike 06:51
06. Alcohol 06:51
07. Oferta E Demanda 06:51
08. The Corruptor 06:54
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Artist.....: Geko
Album......: The Human Brain EP
Type.......: WEB EP
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Fullon PsyTrance
Label......: Digital Psionics
CatalogNr..: DPSI037
Url........: http://www.junodownload.com/products/1558071-02.htm
Rel.date...: 25.04.2010
Str.date...: 25.04.2010
Source.....: WAV
Grabber....: UnKnown
Encoder....: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 4
Size.......: 46.93 MB
Length.....: 31:51


01. Distorted Runaway 07:59
02. Keep Moving 08:28
03. The Human Brain 07:39
04. Pack Of Menthol 07:45

Release Notes

GeKo is Amir Ben David, Born in March 3 1982, Israel.At an early age he played the piano, which started his first real passion for music,but this was just the beginning.After realizing that music did something special for his soul he soon started going to as many music events as he could. Soon he realized that it was time for a change, it was time for him to try and make his own music, the music that was trapped inside his psychedelic head for so long, so he decided to form his solo project that called "GeKo". GeKo music is very unique and powerful, night full-on with psychedelic tech sound touch. His music filled with psychedelic twisted melodies that create a unique and special atmosphere that cannot be found just anywhere. Sound that will reach your Psychedelic Mind and spin it into a motion that will make you dance to the dark beat until you loose yourself in it.Don't be afraid to try it for yourself.GeKo already spread his sounds on many events around the world from Indoor party's to big festivals around, Israel, Portugal, France, Greece and more...After 2 years of study on Music Academy,He was ready to release his first album "POISON FLOWERS" that was released on June 2009 on "Digital Psionics Rec." that was a very successful hit on the floor around the world.This year he come back with his new EP release "The Human Brain" that show the mature way of music he learned with his experience.
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