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Artist: Fungus Funk
Album: Electric Grooves
Type: Album
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Label: Blitz Studios
CatalogNr: BLITZ06CD
Url: http://theblitzstudios.com/?p=115
Rel.date: 03.06.2010
Str.date: 02.06.2010
Source: WEB WAV
Grabber: n/a
Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 10
Size: 114,60 MB
Length: 76:28


01. Under Control 07:34
02. The Shot (part 1) 08:11
03. Hypersaw 07:36
04. Acid 'n' Roll 08:02
05. Lost Emotions 06:37
06. Real Jam 08:32
07. Empty Your Mind 07:29
08. Fantasy Lab 06:41
09. Electric Grooves 07:44
10. The Shot (part 2) 08:02

Release Notes:

From the world famous Russian-Australian giant Blitz Studios and its exuberant headmaster Dj Dharma Kaya comes another knock out release that will shake and shatter dance floors worldwide! Please welcome a brand new album by the Russian maestro of psytrance Sergey Prilepa aka Fungus Funk Say no more! Having established himself as one of the best psytrance artists to ever come out of Russia, Fungus Funk is today a house brand famous for his powerful and catchy tunes around the world. From Western Europe to the far reaches of Asia, from the North American continent to the Australian outback.Having already released 2 highly acclaimed albums - F People on Acidance (2006) and Vostok 1 with Samadhi on Blitz Studios (2008), Sergey's third album Electric Grooves is here to seal the deal! Over the years Fungus Funk has played his memorable live sets all over the planet at prestigious festivals such as Transcendence in Brazil, Boom in Portugal, Solar Eclipse in Turkey, Sky Gravity in Crimea and Sonica in Italy to name just a few, plus hundreds of parties in countries as far apart as Russia, USA, Israel, England, Serbia, India, France, Japan, Sweden, Greece and many others.Needless to say, this awesome new album is a must have in full quality for any admirer of top-notch electronic dance music. 'Electric Grooves' features Fungus Funks's totally fresh and unreleased solos as well as 3 amazing vs tracks with Sulima, Sorrowmurk and Digital Dimensions.The album has been expertly mastered by Fungus Funk himself! Bon Appetite!



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 976 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 03.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Kubensia Volume 2
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Label: Warp Brain Records
Catalogue: WBRCD003
Url: www.myspace.com/warpbrainrecords
Source: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date: May-00-2010
Rls.Date: Jun-01-2010
Tracks: 01
Playtime: 66:33 min
Size: 97,5 MB


01. Enertopia - Heofonrices Weard (Green Cosmos RMX)
02. Genetic Process - Psychedelic Sixti
03. Green Cosmos - Digital Delirium
04. GOE - Littlzis
05. Justincaseboy - Cheese Factory
06. Endeavour Vs. Enertopia - Mental Universe
07. Overdream - Haphaz
08. Zerohour - Synthetic Future
09. Sunburn - Cannibals

Release Notes:

Warp Brain Records presents Kubensia Volume 2.
This compilation was designed to lift your senses to high skies. Musical adventures from different parts of the world come together and create an intense awakening of the vital vibes. Rhythm and sounds to bounce your body as you dance to the grooves of this spectacular selection of rising names and more veteran producers as they connect their mind and soul in their studios to bring to light a special and unique journey.Bringing you this sequel to Kubensia (Cubensis). The world of magical mysteries in the spiritual journey to the known and the unknown.



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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1142 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 02.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

artist....: Moaiact
album.....: Numbers
type......: WEB
genre.....: Psychedelic
style.....: Psy-Trance  
label.....: Antu Records
catalognr.: ANTEP009
url.......: http://www.antu-recods.com 
rel.date..: 2010.05.31
str.date..: 2010.02.09
source....: WEB > MP3
grabber...: N/A
encoder...: LAME3.97  
quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo   
tracks....: 3
size......: 52,34 MB 
length....: 22:52 


01. MetricA                                    07:50
02. Veo Mandala                                07:47
03. Numbers                                    07:15

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1114 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

artist....: VA
album.....: Lisergic
type......: WEB
genre.....: Psychedelic
style.....: Psy-Trance
label.....: Antu Records
catalognr.: ANTEP008
url.......: http://www.antu-recods.com
rel.date..: 2010.05.31
str.date..: 2010.01.05
source....: WEB > MP3 
grabber...: N/A
encoder...: LAME3.97
quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
tracks....: 3 
size......: 51,00 MB 
length....: 22:17


01. Hyperion - Shake It                        07:06
02. Digital Yonkis - Combination               08:32
03. Telepatic And Ital - Mongetun              06:39


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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 924 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

artist: VA
album: Quartz Land
type: WEB
genre: Psychedelic
style: Psy-Trance
label: Antu Records
catalognr: ANTEP010
url.: http://www.antu-recods.com
rel.date: 2010.05.31
str.date: 2010.04.27
source: WEB > MP3
grabber: N/A
encoder: LAME3.97
quality: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
tracks: 3
size: 53,14 MB
length: 23:13


01. Made On Earth - Wonderworld 08:31
02. Ital - Arrayanes 07:20
03. Egalo And Imago - Humpty Dumpty 07:22




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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 885 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

artist: Ital
album: Divine Nature
type: WEB
genre: Psychedelic
style: Psy-Trance
label: Antu Records
catalognr: ANTEP011
url: http://www.antu-recods.com
rel.date: 2010.05.31
str.date: 2010.05.10
source: WEB > MP3
grabber: N/A
encoder: LAME3.97
quality: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
tracks: 3
size: 49,92 MB
length: 21:48


01. Great Spirit 07:04
02. Earth Movements 07:36
03. Vibration 07:08



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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 856 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist.....> VA
Album......> Future Navigators Vol.1
Type.......> Compilation
Label......> MDMA Music Ltd
CatalogNr..> MDMA 001-2
Str.date..> 00.00.1998
URL........> n/a
Genre......> Psychedelic
Style......> Psy-Trance
Source.......> CDDA  
Grabber......> EAC 0.95.5
Encoder......> Lame 3.96.1
No.Tracks..> 08
Quality......> VBRkbps / 44.1kHz
Size.......> 86,6 MB
Channel Mode.> Joint-Stereo
Length.....> 70:01 min


01.Xerox & Freeman - Are we happy?
02.Cosmic Navigators - The first Tour
03.Tarsis & DJ Kaya - Sinergy Thrill
04.Tim Schuldt - The Next
05.Xerox & Freeman - Cellurian rmx
06.Lagoon - Green Light (live mix)
07.Nucleus - Dark horse
08.Talamasca - Polynesian Lion


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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1114 | Добавил: эр-джей | Дата: 31.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Sub6
Album: Sub6EdiT​ 003 Djmix
Genre: Electro, Psy-Trance
Total Time: 46 min 46 sec
Rel. Date: 20.May.2010


01. Sub6EdiT#003 Djmix pt.1 [27:04]
02. Sub6EdiT#003 Djmix pt.2 [19:42]

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 894 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 30.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Album: Mental Box
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Label: 24/7
Hyperlink: http://www.twenty4seven.cc
Catalog: 247CD011
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-05
Release.Date: 2010-05-28
Tracks: 10 Tracks
Playtime: 76:23 min
Release.Size: 114.27MB


1. Logica - Loud And Clear 8:40
2. The First Stone Vs Cosmotech - At Last 7:28
3. Materia - Outsource 7:57
4. Freakulizer Vs Gameboy - Freak Game 7:01
5. Broken Toy - Hi Tech Low Life 6:52
6. Tron - Digital World 7:48
7. Mental Broadcast Vs Stereo Plug - Monster Quest 7:09
8. Touch Tone - Crossed Line 8:11
9. PTX - Unbelievable (Kronic RMX) 7:01
10. Crystall - Elements 8:16

Release Notes:

After Mental Broadcast's successful Europe Tour in 2009 and extensive touring throughout Latin America we decided to launch this project as an appetizer right in time before the regular Mental Broadcast album scheduled for later this year just to give you an impression of his musical taste as a DJ.Prepare for a psychedelic feast following Roma on his journey presenting the cutting edge of psychedelic trance featuring music by all the artists he has been working with recently!Be sure to check out psychedelic standout tracks by Broken Toy, Materia, Logica, Freakulizer, Tron, Kronic, Ptx, Cosmotech, Crystall, and last but not least, Mental Broadcast himself.All tracks are previously unreleased and have been tested on festivals and dance floors around the world to guarantee you a real psychedelic treat



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1182 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist.....: VA
Album......: Mechanical Evolution
Genre......: Psychedelic
Label......: BioMechanix Records
Catalogue..: BMCD006
Url........: www.biomechanix-records.com
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: May-00-2010 
Rls.Date...: May-27-2010
Tracks.....: 10
Playtime...: 73:08 min
Size.......: 103,6 MB

Track List

      01. Brain Access - Home Edition                            [07:09]
      02. Shadai & TDR Vs. Feedback - Evolution                  [06:23]
      03. DNI - Freak Me Out                                     [08:01]
      04. Cactus - Chemical X                                    [07:18]
      05. Kali - Atomic Particles                                [07:31]
      06. Sinful Reactions - Decepticons                         [07:15]
      07. Neo Genetic - 2501                                     [08:04]
      08. A.P.E - Theater Of Knowledge                           [07:11]
      09. Zion Linguist - Sinister Funk (Sinful Reactions Rmx)   [07:13]
      10. Genetic Process - Melthing Killer                      [07:03]

Release Notes
The mechanical evolution in the musical level is possible due to the important role between human and machine, two individuals so different yet so alike.The human combining ideas, thoughts and feelings, while adhering to the machine all of the above.This musical story had not been able to onceive without this perfect combination.


Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 877 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)


Artist: Man Machine
Album: Reintegrate
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Link: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/news/ovnicd003
Catalogue: OVNICD003
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Date: May.25.2010
Tracks: 9
Playtime: 01:19:51 min
Size: 103,8 Mb
Source.Codec: MP3
Encoder: Lame 3.98
Bitrate: 192kbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo


01. Man Machine - Metamorphosis
02. Man Machine - Theurgy
03. Man Machine - Subtle Signs
04. Man Machine - Outfilled
05. Man Machine - Subatomic
06. Man Machine - Magnitude Six
07. Man Machine - Seventh
08. Man Machine - Eastern Sapphires
09. Man Machine - Chlorophyll

Release Notes:

Ovnimoon records is proud to present the 2nd full length album from Miroslav aka ManMachine hailing from Serbia, the hot bed of cutting edge. European dance music blasts forth the new hit release. Reintegrate, a true theme album uniquely blending progressive techno and deep psychedelic full-on trance. Strong melodic leads laced with hypnotic and powerful rhythmic percussion combine with catchy yet subtle hooks to create a diverse and provocative landscape inside your mind. Neurons and circuitry become one and the same as hyper-intelligent nano-bots merge with your very cells upgrading you to a new state of conciousness. Feel the acceleration occur as your mind becomes enhanced with new sensations and perceptions allowing you to comprehend the universe on a whole new level.


Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1031 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist.....: Artha
Album......: Influencing Dreams
Genre......: Psychedelic
Label......: Cronomi Records
Catalogue..: CRONOMI003
Url........: http://cronomi.com/
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: May-01-2010
Rls.Date...: May-05-2010
Tracks.....: 09
Playtime...: 78:46 min
Size.......: 119,7 MB


1. Dubber Nubber
2. Controlled (Live Version)
3. Chaos
4. Saikol
5. Mystic Change
6. Vocal Distortion
7. Bali
8. Transfusion
9. Insidelamp

Release Notes:

Cronomi Records is proud and excited to present...the first full-length album by Polish producer Artha.For the last few years he has been teasing us all with occasional EP and compilation releases but now he unleashes the full force of his creativity on a world begging for music of substance. And what substance! Drivingly compulsive and intent on taking you places, this album has its roots deep in the early years of goa trance, with a flow and melodic exuberance not seen since the 90s. Artha's head is firmly in the twenty-first century however, and his production and sound design is as clean and intricate as the best of modern dance music.This is music designed for travelling without moving, a dynamic and intensely psychedelic journey that picks you up and jams the doors of perception wide open before hurling you through. Artha doesn't hide his influences at all, and why should he; the scene has been asking for exactly this album since 1997. Today it seems only one man can provide the music so many have cried out for... Artha.Let him influence your dreams.

http://rghost.ru/1704035   PROPER


Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 5423 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 25.05.2010 | Комментарии (2)

Artist: VA
Title: Orebro Freakfactory
Type: CD
Label: Stoneage Records
Country: Sweden
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Release date: 2001
Catalog: STONECD001
Ripper: PsyFP
Supplier: http://psyfp.ucoz.ru/
Tracks: 09
Quality: 320 kbps
Release Size: 135 MB


1 Spindrift - Breakpoint 6:36
2 Logic Bomb - Mental Poison 8:59
3 Miraculix - Dunder 8:15
4 Steptime - Timeloop 8:43
5 Klegg - O2 6:29
6 Irie - Freakbeat 7:27
7 Miraculix - Solar 7:45
8 Trashlords - Building Peaks 8:35
9 Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Illusion 8:13

The Orebro Freakfactory features a wide range of psychedelic trance.This new goa trance label situated in Orebro is famous for their tribal forest parties for over one decade. Many groups and artists have started their careers inspired by the outdoor party scene in Orebro.DJ Jonas who compiled this album has also made the compilation 'Tales from the Forest' (Spirit Zone) 3 years ago. Now he is back!

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 992 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 24.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist ......: Twina
Title ......: Secret Identity
Genre ......: Psychedelic
Style .....: Psytrance / Psychedelic
Label ......: Phonokol Records
Release Date......: May 2010
Tracks .....: 10
Bitrate ......: 320kbps
Size .....: 158 MB


1.Twina - The Voice Of God
2.Twina - Secret Identity
3.Elik Vs Synsun Vs Twina - Who U Are
4.PsySpam Vs Twina - Bruce T
5.Twina - Way (Domateck RMX)
6.Twina - Zootopia
7.Twina - Disrupt
8.Twina - Beat Zone
9.Twina - Venus From Mars
10.California Sunshine Vs Twina - Arab Wind

Assaf Twina (Aka TWINA) As A New Killer, Awesome, Amazing And Very Impressive Album! In This Album We Can Hear And See A Collaboration With Very Good Artist Like SynSun And California Sunshine And More. Twina Worked A Year On The New Album And Indeed We Can See And Hear The Final Product Perfect In Every Way. Good Twina On Smuggled Works He Did Here So Give Comments Regarding The Crowd Continued Success!

*This album is recommended for anyone who loves a strong And Killer bass line




Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 893 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 23.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist ....... Pharmacore
Genre ........ Psychedelic
Title .........   Blackout
Source ....... WEB  
Type ......... EP 
Label ........ Biomechanix Records 
Catalog Nr. .. BMREP008 
Release Date . May-22-2010
Tracks ....... 04    
Length ....... 27:09 min 
Bitrate ...... avg. 185kbps   
Samplingrate . 44.1kHz  
Mode ......... Joint-Stereo  
Size ......... 36,0 MB


01-Pharmacore - Supernatural Encounter... (6:58) - 140bpm
02-Pharmacore - Zachem... (8:28) - 140bpm
03-Pharmacore - Babylon Towers... (7:10) - 144bpm
04-Pharmacore - Blackout... (4:31) - 110bpm

Started in 2007, Pharmacore, a psytrance project made by the Russian producer Valentin Nevinglovsky. Born in 1987, since childhood he was infected by electronic music. His first experiences were produced in 2000. For years, he tried on different music styles, and in 2006 he found psytrance, and loved those freaky vibes. Pharmacores music is driving energy, mixed with Valentins own vision of music and sound.

With Diogo C. / 'Becoming.Intense', he released a split album on Avatar Records in December 2008. Now, he completely finished his solo album, that will be on Biomechanix records in 2010. In 2009, Valentin created a new act for experiments in other music styles called Valik25.

Before showing to the world the début as soloist of Pharmacore, Biomechanix records is proud heating the motors with "Blackout" and besides this is the first EP of our great friend Valentin, we are sure that this new talent of Russia gave a lot that to speak in the following years...May the force be with you...

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 928 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 23.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: The Triptone Paradox
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Label: Harmonia Records
Hyperlink: http://www.harmonia-records.com
Catalog: HARMOCD13
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-05
Release.Date: 2010-05-21
Tracks: 9 Tracks
Playtime: 66:41 min
Release.Size: 97.16 MB


1. Pause Vs Eunoia - Remi 6:39
2. Protect Vs Xpiral - 91 7:38
3. D Freq - Life Experience 7:33
4. Eunoia - Planet Earth 6:56
5. Conwerter - Personal Matter 7:45
6. Ridden - Seti 7:17
7. Binary Code - Nothing Unreal 8:17
8. Pause - Activation 7:24
9. Micky Noise - Taito 7:12

Release Notes:

Tritone Paradox is the brand new compilation from Greece's leading label Harmonia Records.Harmonia Records with its smashing new compilation 'The Tritone Paradox', featuring 9 exclusive and previous unreleased tracks from well established artists such as Micky Noise, Pause, Conwerter, X'Spiral, Protect, along with new artists like Ridden and Eunoia, plus the debut releases from Binary Code and D ' Freq.Heavy kickdrums, huge baselines, warm atmospheres, extreme effects, make 'Tritone Paradox' a unique piece of psychedelic trance music.



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ARTiST.......: VA
TiTLE........: Wild World By Arkadius & Li'l Momo
GENRE........: Psychedelic
YEAR.........: 2010
LABEL........: Planet B.E.N. Records
CAT.NO.......: PBRD060
TRACKS.......: 9   
PLAYTiME.....: 68:09 min.  
SiZE.........: 156.20 MB 
SOURCE.......: WEB  
ENCODER......: LAME v3.98r 
QUALiTY......: 320 kbps CBR / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
STORE.DATE...: 18-05-2010
RELEASE.DATE.: 20-05-2010
RiPPER.......: TEAM ALKi
URL..........: http://tinyurl.com/34u6zxb


01.Evenflow - Enjoy The Trip                             8:27
02.Hyper Noise & Dual Logic - Chocolate Blanket          6:20
03.Ital - Hombre Pajaro                                  7:50
04.Patchbay & Stereographic - Kambo                      6:42
05.Orgonflow - Plasma                                    7:34
06.Twina - Dama                                          7:03
07.In Lak Ech - Cant Be Broke                            6:51 
08.Luap - Morning Session                                7:51
09.Negation - Positive Negation                          9:31



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Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1314 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 21.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

ARTiST.......: VA
TiTLE........: Fresh Part 01 (Selected By Absolum)
GENRE........: Psychedelic
YEAR.........: 2010
LABEL........: 3D Vision
CAT.NO.......: 3DEP001
TRACKS.......: 3
PLAYTiME.....: 24:01 min.
SiZE.........: 55.03 MB
SOURCE.......: WEB
ENCODER......: LAME v3.98r
QUALiTY......: 320 kbps CBR / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
STORE.DATE...: 20-05-2010
RELEASE.DATE.: 20-05-2010
RiPPER.......: TEAM ALKi
URL..........: http://tinyurl.com/38tnk8d


01.Ex-Gen & Smashed - Invisible Invaders 8:43
02.Sinfull Reactions - Power Consumption 7:11
03.Menog - Matacanha (Absolum Edit) 8:07



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1074 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 21.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist........ VA                                                       
Album......... GAP Sessions Vol 1                                       
Genre......... Psychedelic 
Style........... Psy-Trance                                            
Bitrate....... 256kpbs                                                  
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo                                             
Release.Date.. 2004-03-11                                               
Tracks........ 9                                                        
Playtime...... 60:04                                                    
Release.Size.. 115 MB                                                   



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 998 | Добавил: эр-джей | Дата: 20.05.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Album........: Mind Needs Heart (SINCD024)
Title........: Psychomental
Label........: Sin Rec'
Catalog......: SINCD024
Ganere.......: Psychedelic
Style........: Psytrance
Medium.......: CDDA
Bitrate......: 320KBps\44.1kHz
Mode.........: Full Stereo
Type.........: Album
Tracks.......: 10
Store Date...: 11.Apr.2010
Release Date.: 19.May.2010
Play Time....: 79:30 min
Release Size.: 182,1 MB


01. Psychomental - Real Fantasy
02. Psychomental - SpiritChamber
03. Psychomental - Dealing With Myself
04. Psychomental - Mind Needs Heart
05. Psychomental - Kontraverzna Priroda
06. Psychomental - Roll With It
07. Psychomental - The Others
08. Psychomental - Konfuzija
09. Psychomental - Moment Of Madness
10. Psychomental - Re-Cycled Life Forms

Release Notes:

80 minutes of sonic journey made from depths of mind and heart that will lead you from your wildest fantasies towards unknown mindscapes to twisted corners of your subconsciousness and back to your true self.All tracks written, produced, engineered, mixed, polished & mastered by Psychomental.



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Forest PsyTrance Dub EP Night Psytrance FLAC 2002 Techno Psy-Trance 2001 2007 2005 2009 1996 2003 Full On 2004 Chillout 2006 WAV Psychedelic goa 1997 1999 progressive Ambient Downtempo Psychill dark 2010 VA 1998 1995 Suomi 2000 Lounge Psybient Psycore Psydub Psy Trance Psy Chill hi-tech Darkpsy 2012 download Trance hardcore 2013 goa trance prog Ovnimoon Records Iboga Records Dark Psy trance Speedsound Dark Progressive Suntrip Records Goa Records Psy Breaks Yellow Sunshine Explosion Audioload Music JOOF Recordings progressive house JOOF V2 Prog On Syndicate HardStyle House Deep House Tech House Fresh Frequencies Psy Core Perfecto Fluoro LW Recordings Minimal UP Records Mosaico Nothing But Night Psy trance Ovnimoon Neelix pop art Ritmo Ghost Rider Ascent Jacob IKON Ace Ventura Imaginarium electric universe Limitless Timelock Guerrilla Upgrade magik Marcus Yahel Talamasca astrix Outsiders Tristan Metronome
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