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Artist: VA

Album: Progressive Dimensions
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Label: Power House
Link: http://powerhouse-rec.com/
Catalog: PRHCD003
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-09-00
Release.Date: 2010-09-28
Tracks: 10
Playtime: 76:57 min
Release.Size: 107 Mb


Phenomenal new Progressive tracks uplifting your spirits every step of the way through this full spectrum cross section showcasing the diverse ranging genre's and styles of progressive music. From beginning to end the music is enticing the listener to have an inspiringly positive while full bodied energetic experience. Progressive Dimensions is the power of the peace flow progressive hard electro house dance music that your mother warned you about. Its gonna make you grind and howl and act like an animal cause that's what its all about! Djnv takes it to the next level as he delivers 10 soul shaping infinite voyages into ecstatic pleasure and bliss! One by one you are treated to the top shelf gems, this collection of treasures comes from great progressive producers from across the globe such as Bratex from Brazil, Versi from Serbia, FrostRaven from San Francisco, Hypohektika from Germany, Animalis from Russia, Tricossoma from Portugal, and Cohuna Beats from Austria. Packed in this comp are crazed funktastic groin throbbing hits by international lead players as well as tons of brand new talent spanking new and ready for the lime light! This full power psy style hard-progressive electro house and techno trance is what you have been waiting for to start pumpin up your party.


01. Bratex - Superficial [06:17]
02. Versi - Ocultism [08:21]
03. Frostraven - Aero [07:53]
04. Hypohektika - Morgengrau [07:10]
05. Theobroma - Thinking Like Dolphins [10:56]
06. Animalis - Love Story [08:11]
07. Tricossoma - Open Your Mind [07:16]
08. Nemanja Kostic - Earth Original Mix [07:16]
09. Random Robot - R & R [07:14]
10. Cohuna Beatz - Control Brain Implant Mix [06:23]


Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 806 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.10.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist........ VA
Album......... Speedmasterz
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Rockdenashi Productionz
Hyperlink..... http://homepage3.nifty.com/rockdenashi/index.html
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate....... 320 kbps
Mode.......... Joint Stereo
Store.Date.... 11/2009
Release.Date.. 09/2010
Tracks........ 10 Tracks
Playtime...... 73:43min
Release.Size.. 171MB


1. KHAOS SEKTOR / The Nightmare of Realization / 160BPM
2. FATAL DISCORD / Speed Freaks / 168BPM
3. KASATKA / Sonic Age / 170BPM
4. JESUS RAVES / Baba Simana / 161BPM
5. VORTEX / Realize / 163BPM
6. KZ / The Sonic Barrier / 170BPM
7. FAR EAST GHOST / Motorbreath / XXXBPM
8. ENICHKIN / For the Master / 160BPM
9. THE GALACTIC BRAIN / Beyond Evil / 172BPM
10. SPEED DEMON / Crowz / 180BPM


"What are you waiting for? You're faster than this. Don't think you are. You know you are." by Morpheus "SPEED MASTERZ" is breaking the sound barrier, leading all dancers to the world of light speed. The next compilation album by "ROCKDENASHI PRODUCTIONZ" is focused on "SPEED MASTERZ" existing throughout the world. From Japan, "FAR EAST GHOST", "FATAL DISCORD", "SPEED DEMON", "KZ" and "VORTEX" will join in. And in this time, we requested "SPEED MASTERZ" existing all over the world for their sounds. A lot of best speed masters such as "KHAOS SEKTOR" from Portugal, "THE GALACTIC BRAIN" from Mexico, "KASATKA" from Germany, "JESUS RAVES" from Serbia and "ENICHKIN" from Russia joined in this time. Hope you to dance to your heart's content by letting yourself go for their perfect sounds. You will go to the world of lights when getting perfectly into the swing of it.

Категория: Dark Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 947 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.10.2010 | Комментарии (0)

ARTiST......: ProtoActive

TiTLE.......: Music Memories
LABEL.......: Planet B.E.N. Records
GENRE.......: Psychedelic
STR DATE....: 2010-08-10
RiP DATE....: 2010-10-01
TRACKS......: 3
SiZE........: 49,01 megs
QUALiTY.....: 320kbps 44100kHz Joint Stereo
URL.........: http://www.7digital.com
PLAYTiME: 00:21:13


1.   ProtoActive - Music Memories                        6:53
2.   ProtoActive & Fehja - Brazilian Nature              7:12
3.   ProtoActive - Atmospheric Dimension                 7:08

Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 657 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.10.2010 | Комментарии (0)


01 - oCeLoT & Megalopsy - Argentinian Barbecue (148 BPM)
02 - oCeLoT & Digitalist - What Do You Say? (146 BPM)
03 - oCeLoT & Astroschnautzer & Vishnudata - Machine Elf Coffee Break (142 BPM)
04 - oCeLoT & Joao Fevreiro - That's A Good Question! (140 BPM)

Over the years oCeLoT ® (Aaron Peacock) has travelled the world and made music with various people. Collected here for the first time are four collaborative projects written alongside artists distributed across the globe from Finland to Argentina: Megalopsy, Vishnudata, Astroschnautzer, Digitalist, and Joao Fevriero (of Full Propulsion). The style is original but reflects influences from forest music and full-on psytrance with hints of Goa vibes. Mastered by Akhentek at Ilum Studios, B.C. Cover artwork by Infernal Droid.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download
Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 643 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 01.10.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Title: PsyShark Vibes 4
Release Date: 29.09.10
Label: lonelyplanet Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance, Night Full On
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Tracks: 10
Length: 92:31
Size: 218Mb


01.Rinkadink - Pirate Signal (Wizack Twizack Remix)
02.DNA - Basic Instinct
03.Logic Bomb Vs Syrus The Virus -Virtuoso (Didrapest Remix)
04.Quality Sound - Groovy
05.Prospect - Sounds Like A Melody
06.Nature Disaster - Perfect Child
07.Botanica Vs. Gothica - Emotional Technology
08.NoizePulse - Static Movement
09.Alienn vs X-Avenger - Akura
10.PsyShark - XTC (PsyShark Remix v2.0)

+3 Bonus Track:

01.Dual Barrel - Mood (de)Stabilizer
02.Cortex Vs Jaws Underground Vs Twisted Nature - Elastic Reality
03.Synesthesia - Dreams Making Machines

PsyShak Records are very proud to provide you another amazing release of PsyShark Vibes series...with the highest Quality Of Today's PsyTrance Music, selected by PsyShark.PsyShark Vibes Series has got its success everywhere on this planet and still getting more and more success. Following to the numerous positive feedbacks and requests of PsyShark Records Fans, PsyShark Vibes series will keep growing non-stop, supported by best and most professional artists of today's PsyTrance Scene.



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 785 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 30.09.2010 | Комментарии (1)

artist....: Yotopia

album.....: Dark Terminal
type......: WEB
genre.....: Psychedelic
style.....: Progressive Trance 
label.....: Echoes Records 
catalognr.: ECHOEPIL026
url.......: http://www.echoes-records.com 
rel.date..: 2010.09.29
str.date..: 2010.08.23
source....: WEB > MP3
grabber...: Unknown
encoder...: LAME 3.96
quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
tracks....: 3 
size......: 52,42 MB
length....: 22:56


01. Dark Terminal                              08:00
02. Dark Terminal (Andrea Bertolini Remix)     06:44
03. Dark Terminal (Fusi & Johnson Remix)       08:12


Here comes the newest output from Echoes Records.Yotopia are Tomer Dayan and Yonathan Rimon, from the Tel Aviv, Israel. Yotopia latest releases have made them one of the most highly acclaimed producers in the global Progressive House and Trance scene.With already, releases resume on major labels, such as Iboga, Tribal Vision, Stereo Seven Plus, and many  more. 'Dark Terminal', is a Progressive  House stormier tune, with deep driving bass line, analogue synthesis and hypnotic rhythm, combining twisted trance melodies  On the flip, we have two powerful remixes, by Italian Maestro Andrea Bertolini, that giving the original a new structure, adding his own trade mark sound, very emotional and sweeping  German duo Fusi & Johnson, with their remix lifting the original mix to a brand new direction Dirty Progressive approach, driving a fat pump in bass line through hypnotic rhythm and floating atmosphere.

Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 758 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 30.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist.....: VA
Album......: The Chill Spectrum - compiled by Lemonchill
Type.......: Compilation
Genre......: Chill
Style......: Psychedelyc
Label......: Uxmal Records
CatalogNr..: UXM012
Url........: http://www.uxmalrecords.com
Rel.date...: 28.09.2010
Str.date...: 29.06.2010
Source.....: WEB > WAV
Grabber....: n/a
Encoder....: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 11
Size.......: 117.42 MB
Length.....: 76:19

 01. Zen Garden - Midi Act                                               06:12
 02. Tentura feat. Kadasarva - Sky Interface                             06:49
 03. Lab's Cloud - My sacred_place                                       07:35
 04. Zen Garden - Frame                                                  05:58
 05. PrOmid - Disconsolate                                               06:45
 06. AstroPilot - Arimoya_(Alex Rize Remix)                              10:24
 07. Cabeiri - Humanize                                                  08:15
 08. NeiRula - In true                                                   06:11
 09. Grains Of Sound - Plateau                                           04:44
 10. Goatika Creative Lab feat. Elefunk - Moby Dick                      07:53
 11. Perpetual Loop - Closure                                            05:33


Категория: Ambient | Просмотров: 669 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: 1200 Micrograms

Album: Gramology
Year: 29.09.10
Label: Tip World
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full on
Bitrate  : 320kbps
Track: 06
Time: 47:28
Size: 117Mb


01. Africa
02. C of Tranquility
03. Cling On
04. The Japanese Experiment
05. Ecstasy Part 2
06. Let It Roll


Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 815 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 29.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Label: Mahogany Records
Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance
Released: Jun. 2005/27
Cat-No: MAH1CD001
Barcode: 3760087960044

Mahogany records are proud to present their first compilation Exotica. Exotica is the first act of several release, compiled by Dj Naya this first compilation is the result of a selection of many tracks from confirmed artists to fresh ones. Fresh, groovy, melodic and dance maker are the words who can qualify these 9 tracks.

Enjoy it listen it and dance!

1. Life Extension - Hypnose (7:33)
2. Alternative Control vs Freaked Frequency - Emotion (8:06)
3. Ananda Shake - Stigmata (7:26)
4. Polaris - Human Emoticon (7:01)
5. Inner Action - Future Path (6:44)
6. Elec3 - Use Your Life (7:24)
7. Ananda Shake - Dream Drop (Life Extension vs DJ Naya Rmx) (8:47)
8. X.S.I. - Kamino (8:25)
9. Triptych vs DJ Senix - Own Desire (7:32)

Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 836 | Добавил: Binestix | Дата: 29.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Goa Gil - at Burning Man
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Goa
Label: Avatar Records
Link: http://www.avatar-music.com/
Catalog: AVACD062
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Mode: Joint Stereo
Store.Date: 2010-09-00
Release.Date: 2010-09-28
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 72:40 min
Release.Size: 112 Mb


A true Professional File, and a royal treat to all Goa graduates...
The Burning Man festival has become one of the most important music and art events on the planet.It's an annual happening held in Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, an event so big it can be viewed from space. In the summer of 1997, Goa Gil was invited to play in the festival, and this album was recorded there. This is Goa Gil's 4th mixed album, and it came out right in the middle of the wild Goa scene.This CD is now available again, after over 10 years that it was not available and nowhere to be found. In 1998, the release was followed by the legendary classic mix 'Forest of the Saints', that has established Gil's name also in countries like Israel and India, where his fan base is constantly expanding.Goa Gil has a reputation built through over 30 years in music. He is defined as the father of psychedelic trance and he has become a brand name worldwide. His record includes a total of ten mega mixed albums, including the latest 'Kali Yuga'.This album is essential. A true Professional File, and a royal treat to all Goa graduates in general, and Goa Gil fans in particular.


01. The Nommos - Amma
02. Bamboo Forest - Morphing System
03. Elixir - Four Dimensional
04. Multiplex - Twisted Tale
05. Toi Doi - Psystic
06. Psychopod - Universal Mind
07. Pleiadians - Electra
08. Oforia - Timelessness
09. Asia 2001 - Vertige 2


Категория: Goa Trance | Просмотров: 887 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.09.2010 | Комментарии (1)

VA - Future Nature

Artist ....... VA
Genre ........ Psychedelic
Source ....... CDDA
Type ......... Compilation
Label ........ TesseracTstudio
Catalog Nr. .. TES1CD004
Release Date . Sep-28-2010
Tracks ....... 10
Length ....... 74:39 min
Bitrate ...... avg. 201kbps
Samplingrate . 44,1kHz
Mode ......... Joint-Stereo
Size ......... 108,2 MB

Rls Notes

Experience the synergy of nature and technology,
and make a step into evolution of sounds & beats
- welcome to Future Nature!

TesseracTstudio Records presents a special VA
edition compiled by DJ Nesho - label DJ and
partner, and the man behind the longest lasting
psychedelic trance festival in Croatia: Future
Nature Festival. For over 10 years, Future Nature
has hosted many important progressive and
psytrance artists, promoted psychedelic cuture in
various artistic ways, and kept going forward,
progressing into uncharted territories of
psychedelic minds.

This special compilation includes 10 masterpieces
from TesseracTstudio artists, who are regular
guestsand performers at this annual summer
celebration. Carefully selected by DJ Nesho, the
selection is impressive and more innovative than
ever before. Ranging from progressive house and
ecstatic trancegrooves of Float and The Riddler,
across positive and dynamic progressive trance
beats of Zyce, Flegma, Nerso, Phaxe, Sideform and
Hardy.Veles and all the way down to deeper
spheres of psytrance sound of Middle Mode, E-Clip
and Ectima, this release definately has a lot to
offer and is definately a collection of tunes
that must be part of any music collection!
Feel the mystical energy of the nature, warm sun
and cold sea, absorb the positive vibrations and
enjoy the moment! Welcome to the different
future, a future where people respect the nature
as it respects thehuman kind.


01 Float - Soul Searching 09:36
02 The Riddler & Float - Pillow 06:05
03 Phaxe vs. Zyce & Flegma - Tutti Frutty 07:46
04 Nerso - Lost Horizon 05:59
05 Zyce - Ghost 07:23
06 Flegma & Nerso - Data Link 07:26
07 Sideform - Web Of Life 08:14
08 Middle Mode vs. Flegma & Nerso vs. E Clip - I.P.U. 06:56
09 Hardy.Veles - Dalimilova Kronika 08:34
10 Ectima - By Human 06:40




Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 859 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Mushroomjet
Title: Zvuki Dlya Kistochki
Label: Tekkin` Over Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Str.date: 00-06-2010
Rip.date: 26-09-2010
Source: CDDA
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr -new
Ripper: Team ZzZz
Quality: VBRkbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 7
Size: 83.70 MB
Url: http://acidsamovar.org


01. Pure Horror (Moon Shadow mix) 6:57
02. Nibiru Season (Mad House mix) 11:04
03. Betelgeuse (Jump Gate mix) 8:04
04. Customisation Key (with Phagos Sonus) 7:19
05. Cyberia Express v3.7 7:41
06. Pi (Sybernetic Diagnostic mix) 7:13
07. Oblika Morale (Alko Astral mix) 8:06

Mushroomjet is a mind-blowing alter-ego of M.M.C...
... also known as Alex Karlin, half of Inshizzo and Exmos, psytrance producer from Moscow, Russia.Procject's name talk itself. The energy of this music feels like a reaction-propulsion unit on mushrooms. At this time Alex opens all his creativity and goes beyond the standarts and limits. Dancefloor-working, frantic, dark and twisted psychedelica.Your trip will never stop.


Категория: Dark Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 862 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 28.09.2010 | Комментарии (3)

Artist: Mental Control
Album: Cosmic Belt
Ripper : WhoCares
Supplier : FYM
Style : Psy/Goa Trance
Genre : Psychedelic
Date : Sep-26-2010
Year : 2010
Encoder : lame-3.98.2
Quality : 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs : 04
CD Songs : 04
Playtime : 25:04 min
Company : Speedsound
Size : 57,4 MB
Streetdate : Sep-21-2010
Type : EP
Source : WEB
Language : English
Catalognr : SSCD 0010
MyReleaseNo : 48

01.Cosmic Belt [07:56]
02.Matrix Device [08:13]
03.Maya [02:27]
04.Warning [06:28]

Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 663 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: 2Minds
Album: Instromental
Ripper : WhoCares
Supplier : FYM
Style : Psytrance
Genre : Psychedelic
Date : Sep-26-2010
Year : 2010
Encoder : lame-3.98.2
Quality : 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs : 03
CD Songs : 03
Playtime : 21:48 min
Company : Psycore
Size : 49,9 MB
Streetdate : Sep-21-2010
Type : EP
Source : WEB
Language : English
Catalognr : PSC 1CD036
MyReleaseNo : 48

01.Instromental [06:30]
02.After Bourn [07:28]
03.Top Secret [07:50]



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 600 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)


 Artist(s) .........:: Astrix
 Title .............:: Red Means Distortion
 Genre .............:: Psychedelic
 Record Label ......:: HOM-mega Productions
 Catalogue Number ..:: HMCD67
 Source ............:: WEB
 Quality ...........:: 319kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
 Duration ..........:: 01:18:32  (180.MB)
 Release Date ......:: 26-09-2010
 Support ...........:: http://www.audiojelly.com

 Tracklist .........::

1. Astrix - Acid Rocker                       7:40
2. Astrix - Mir                               8:17
3. Astrix - Take A Shot                       7:59
4. Shakta - Lepton Head (Astrix Remix)        7:07
5. Astrix - Antiwar                           7:37
6. Astrix - Dharma                            8:55
7. Astrix Feat Tom C - Sparks                 8:31
8. Delirious - Silver Sky (Astrix Remix)      7:28
9. Emok & NDSA - Harbour Candy (Astrix Remix)       7:45
10.Infected Mushroom Feat Perry Farrell - Killing Time (Astrix Remix)7:13
Release Note

Astrix's musical agenda is the ultimate clash...
... where underground vs. mainstream transforms to uplifting Trance composed with sophisticated melodies, a sprinkle of progressive House, and some occasional vocals. This audio clash is where Astrix's music have emerged from and been embraced by hundreds of thousands across so many nations and continents. As an incredibly popular DJ and producer, Avi Shmailov, aka Astrix, always thinks ahead how to tailor his sets and productions for his devoted fans, but not forgetting to please the casual dancers. Astrix needs to connect with everyone in the crowd, those who are unfamiliar with his works and at the same time with his followers throughout the years.Rewind back to 2002, Astrix is signed to leading label HOMmega and is introduced to the world with his debut album 'Eye To Eye'. Things started to roll for Avi Shamilov from that point on, the world wide scene fell captivated with his unique, smart melodic style. Touring massively after the 'Eye To Eye' album release didn't leave much studio time for Avi, it took two years to write and perfect his 2nd album, 'Artcore' which came out in 2004. 'Artcore' raised the bar with groundbreaking achievements if in CD sales, tracks used in movies, video games and TV commercials.Evolving into one the world known DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs placed Astrix on the roads for an almost nonstop world wide tour. He rocked festivals across the globe including Dance Valley, SW4, Creamfileds, Love Parade, UAF, Skol Beats, Planeta Atlantida and headlined nights in the best clubs and venues such as Alexandra Palace, Brixton Academy, Pacha, Ministry of sounds, The City, Volume, Nox and so many more which he visited repeatedly.





Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1033 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (1)

Artist: Bad Loop
Album: Fragments
Release.Date: 16.01.2010
Label: Soft Phase
Catalog: SFP011
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Ambient,Tech,Ambient
Format: mp3
Bitrate: Vbrkbps
Tracks: 06
Playtime: 33:15
Size: 73,0Mb


01.Bad Loop - sinner
02.Bad Loop - nth
03.Bad Loop - sometimesrmx
04.Bad Loop - pinta
05.Bad Loop - en_sure_sinua
06.Bad Loop - nth_planet_boelex_remix



Категория: Ambient | Просмотров: 664 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Funky Dragon & Zyce
Title: Serpent The Remixes
Release Date: 17.09.10
Label: TesseracTstudio
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Tracks: 07
Lemgth: 52:58 min
Size: 131Mb


01. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Original Mix)
02. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (E-Clip rmx)
03. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Flegma & Nerso rmx)
04. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Float rmx)
05. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Middle Mode rmx)
06. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Sideform rmx)
07. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Terahert rmx)



Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 873 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

ARTiST.......: Virtual Light
TiTLE........: Illiminatrix
GENRE........: Psychedelic
STYLE.........: Psytrance
YEAR.........: 2010
LANGUAGE.....: English
TRACKS.......: 10
PLAYTiME.....: 01:11:20
SiZE.........: 65,00 MB
SOURCE.......: WEB
ENCODER......: LAME v3.98r
QUALiTY......: 128 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
RELEASE.DATE.: 26.09.2010


1. All good boys deserve phazers
2. Chaos and Disillusion
3. Venusian
4. No more conspiracies
5. Kukamunga (update mix)
6. Mission Statement
7. Node Worm
8. Prime Normal (rmx)
9. Concentration Camp (rmx)
10. Jinx




Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 716 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Planet Boelex
Album: Raja
Label: Soft Phase
Catalog#: SFP013
Format: 5 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Finland
Released: 02.07.2010
Genre: Psychedelic, Ambient
Style: Downtempo, Ambient
Bitrate: 320kbps
Tracks: 05
Playtime: 29:12
Size: 71,3 МБ

1.Planet Boelex - Soft Shapes 
2.Planet Boelex , Lisa's antenna - Not From Here
3.Planet Boelex , Mikael Fyrek - Suddenly
4.Planet Boelex - New Beginning
5.Planet Boelex - Sailor's Dilemma




Категория: Ambient | Просмотров: 628 | Добавил: эр-джей | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Исполнитель: Jaws Underground
Диск: Still Alive
Дата релиза: 26.09.10
Лейбл: Geomagnetic.TV
Жанр: Psychedelic
Стиль: Psytrance
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 320kbps
Кол-во композиций: 09
Время звучания: 73:52
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02. Danger Zone (Jaws Underground rmx)
03. Teknologic (JAWS UNDERGROUND)
04. What City (Jaws Underground rmx) I.DOT
05. Trance Fighters (JAWS UNDERGROUND)
06. Sub Division (JAWS UNDERGROUND)
08. Still Alive (JAWS UNDERGROUND)



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 722 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 27.09.2010 | Комментарии (0)

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