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Главная » 2010 » Июнь » 05

GENRE......: Ambient

STYLE......: Psybient / Psychill / Chillout
QUALITY....: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
SPACE......: 146,4 MB
TRIPTIME...: 63:55 min
LABEL......: Microcosmos Records (Russian Federation)
HYPNOLINK..: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mir/mir1cd001.html
LAUNCHED...: Jun-04-2010
RELEASED...: Jun-04-2010


01.Alexander Daf - Immersing 06:09
02.Alexander Daf - Radius 05:50
03.Alexander Daf - Sensuous 04:22
04.Alexander Daf - Some Old Depression 06:11
05.Aedem - Rain in My Head 07:57
06.Aedem - Wasteful Science 07:09
07.Aedem - Rise and Shine 08:36
08.Aedem - Aeration 08:39
09.Aedem - Blind Story 09:02


Split album 'Prism' is the first collaboration between Alexander and
Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) and Konstantin Terentyev (Aedem)
are talented sound producers from Russia and Microcosmos label
Alexander already released few tracks on well-known European
net-labels. His debut full length album 'A Thousands Reasons to Be'
was released by major American label System Recordings at the end of
2008. This album got lots of flattering responses and entered
Beatport's Chillout Top 100. Nowadays Alexander regularly performs
in clubs and participates in various festivals. Recently he produced
new album in collaboration with British ambient-artist Matt Coldrick
(Pan Electric). Konstantin Terentyev has classical music education
(piano classes). He also studied audio engineering for several
years. After many experiments with sound Konstantin found his own
unique style. He begun perform live-acts and produce tracks under
Medea (psychedelic trance) and Aedem (Ambient, Chillout) aliases.
Severe, finished with lots of details, this work is full of mystical
tunes from the East and snowy melancholy vibes from the North; Album
is saturated with soft enveloping melodies and made with combination
of electronica and live instruments improvisation. This release
completely proves it's name ' infinite versatility of 'Prism'
attracts and gives an impulse to listener's hand to push 'repeat'
button again and again.

Under Daf alias Alexander Ivanov - talented musician from
St.Petersburg started musical career. His music imaginations is
infinite ambient landscapes seasoned by most complicated idm and
downtempo-rhythms. Intelligent soft sound-moods of Alexander Daf.,
beautiful backgrounds and warm atmospheres includes in each track
got charted in the independent charts and played many various
Now Alexander continues actively acts in St.Petersburg, another city
and country. Is the participant of promo-group Sun Station Records.


Aedem (real name Konstantin Terentev) was born in 1983 in the city
of Sankt Petersburg, Russia. Konstantin has received classical music
education on a class of a piano and higher education on a speciality
of the sound-producer. In 1995 has got acquainted with psychedelic
trance music. In 2004 started to write his own tracks. Public debut
of Medea took place in 2007 on a party "Dark side of the trance" in
Sankt Petersburg. In same year the project becomes a resident of
Moon Station, the sub-label of Sun Station records. Aedem is a side
project of Medea, dedicated to ambient and experimental sides of
electronic music.


Independent label Microcosmos based in St. Petersburg is destined to
be the most impressive and outstanding phenomena in the world of
ambient/chillout/IDM music. Microcosmos Records is a department of
Hive Mind Media among such famous and respectable trance-oriented
labels as Sunstation and Moonstation.
One of the main objectives of Microcosmos Records - apart from
digital realeases - is organization of music events (in St.
Petersburg and other cities) with the participation of the
world-famous foreign musicians and Russian label artists.

Категория: Ambient | Просмотров: 1383 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Ectima
Album: Ground Defense
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progressive
Date: 05-06-2010
Year: 2010
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Catalognr: TES1CD001
Playtime: 65:11 min
Company: Tesseractstudio
Size: 149,3 MB
Url: http://www.tesseractstudio.org
Type: Album
Source: LossLess


01.Bounce [08:19]
02.Depth Finder [07:12]
03.Info Stealer [07:29]
04.Evil Spirits (Rmx) [06:43]
05.The Claymore [07:09]
06.Bure Baruta [07:41]
07.Ground Tracer [06:48]
08.Crossfire [07:00]
09.Stand Still [06:50]

Release Notes:

Ectima (aka Zyce and Flegma) with their second Album.
Reload your rifles, upgrade your armor, hold your ground and enter the dancefloor battlefield!TesseracTstudio collective is very proud to finally annouce label opening with exclusive smashing second album from Ectima 'Ground Defense'! Ever since their icebreaking debut release 'No Way Out', Ectima (aka Zyce and Flegma) have been improving their unique sound pushing the sounds and beats further away from well known limits of todays trance sound.The result of this year-round technologic development is now finally shaped into a rock-solid pumping psychedelic techno 9 tracker album ready to destroy your next party in a blast!



Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 1576 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (1)

Artist: Audio Hijack
Album: Microwave Transmissions
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Full On
Date: 05-06-2010
Year: 2010
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Catalognr: NUT1CD022
Playtime: 59:00 min
Company: Nutek Records
Size: 135,2 MB
Url: http://www.nutek.org
Type: Album
Source: LossLess


01.Audio Hijack Vs Mekkanika - Dow [07:38]
02.Audio Hijack - Low Cbd [06:25]
03.Audio Hijack - Cloud 9 [06:09]
04.Audio Hijack - Impulse [05:58]
05.Audio Hijack Vs Mad Maxx - Mythic Significance [08:03]
06.Audio Hijack - Diffuse Memories [06:10]
07.Audio Hijack Vs Painkiller - H20 [06:42]
08.Audio Hijack - Overatio [05:39]
09.Audio Hijack - Microwave Transmission [06:16]

Release Notes:

Right from the epicenter of Nutek Records in Barcelona, Luca Szekely a.k.a Audio Hijack, presents his own interpretation to modern morning open air sound.Following a bunch of successful releases on various compilation releases, through established international labels, including, Materia Records, Chemical Crew, Nutek Records and more, we are proud to announceAudio Hijack's debut album release 'Microwave Transmissions'.A fulfilling journey that will take you from the early hours of dawn, right till the happy morning when the sun will shine and the dance floor is at high energy.The album can be best described as melodic, deep, energetic, psychedelic, and groovy. A high end product packed with motivation, innovation and drive. This remarkable set of original music includes collaborations with top international producers, Mekkanikka, Painkiller and Mad Maxx.Get ready to be beamed into another dimension... get ready to be Hijacked...


Категория: Full On | Просмотров: 1385 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (1)

Artist: VA

Album: 5 Years of LFP
Genre: Progressive
Style: Progressive
Label: LFP Records
Rel. Date: Jun.2010
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate:320 VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Track: 7
Playtime: 55:38 min
Size: 110.9 Mb


01 - Maligne - Noises from the Lonely Forest.mp3
02 - Lumbago - Robots.mp3
03 - Hypohektika - To be in a Brown Study.mp3
04 - Taksha - Right leider.mp3
05 - Chemical Abstract - Give it to me.mp3
06 - Electric Shimana - Bluetooth.mp3
07 - Dual Effect - Boom Factor.mp3


Категория: Psy-Prog | Просмотров: 6838 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (4)

Artist: Brainiac

Album: Colors of Sound
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Rel. Date: Jun.2010
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Track: 4
Playtime: 36:38 min
Size: 49 Mb


Brainiac - Inside Your Brain
Brainiac - Masheen
Brainiac - The Healer
Brainiac - Endless Mind

At a party i played a other DJ gave me this CD, I found out that Brainiac is not well known yet in the scene and that resulted in not finding any download links on the net. So, I ripped the shit out of this cd and really want people to know about this producer/ Album. Brainiac comes with Straight Fat penetrating basslines, And creating Static Melodic vibes on the dancefloor.



Категория: Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1160 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: Yaotzin Tech
Album: O.B.G
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark,Psycore
Label: Infernal Family Records
Url: www.myspace.com/yaotzintech
Rel. Date: Jun.2010
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Track: 6
Playtime: 40:38 min
Size: 77.9 Mb


1.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_Acid_xxperience 160 BPM
2.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_kill_bill_die! 161 BPM
3.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_Dance_in _my_mind 170 BPM
4.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_Unreal_life 180 BPM
5.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_Magic_sintetizer 180 BPM
6.-Yaotzin_Tech_-_Chaotic 195 BPM

Категория: Dark Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1371 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

Artist: VA
Album: Infarto Music Clots
Release Date: June-06-2010
Label: Infarto Music
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Experimental Dark Psytrance
Bitrate: 320kbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 09
Playtime: 59:37 min
Size: 125,0 MB


01 Clots – Intro (2:06)
02 Clots – A House In The Middle Of The Desert (6:32)
03 Clots – Olen Taalla Kaunis Tyttö (9:31)
04 Clots – Genetica (6:27)
05 Clots – Baila Princesa Baila (8:47)
06 Clots – Katacosmic Bubbler (6:32)
07 Clots – The Four Maidens Vs The Book Of Desires (Yaotzin Tech Rmx) (6:36)
08 Clots – I Love The Poizone (Lullaby Vs Goodnight Rmx) (6:39)
09 Clots – En Coma (6:23)

Категория: Dark Psy-Trance | Просмотров: 1057 | Добавил: Napalm | Дата: 05.06.2010 | Комментарии (0)

[AMBCD01] Deviant Species - The Quest For Balojax 2001
[AMBCD02] VA - Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies 2002
[AMBCD03] VA - Significant Elf Proclivity 2002
[AMBCD04] VA - Contra Polar Activity 2003
[AMBCD05] Scorb - Scorb 2003
[AMBCD06] Deviant Species - In The Hands Of The Randomiser 2004
[AMBCD07] VA - Further Ambivalent Tendencies 2006

beginning..........: 2001/2006
Format.............: Mp3
Url................: http://www.discogs.com/label/Ambivalent+Records
Url................: http://www.ambivalentrecords.com/
Quality............: VBR,192 256 320
Playtime...........: 8:10:34
Size...............: 717 МБ
Tracks.............: 55

Independant British label featuring the duo of Geb the Cackler and Green Reefah -- Deviant Species. Their eerie atmospheric sonic adventures have been making waves in the U.K. scene. DS previously released on their own label Zerotonin.

[AMBCD01] Deviant Species - The Quest For Balojax 2001

Artist: Deviant Species
Album: The Quest For Balojax
Label: Ambivalent Records
Catalog#: AMBCD1
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 2001
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Bitrate: 192 kpbs
Playtime: 1:08:14
Release.Size.. 94,9 МБ


2.Druidic Endeavours
3.The Forge
4.Carrier (Balojaxial Mix)
5.Spiritual Beings In Fluoro Shirts
7.Geb The Cackler
8.I Squid

[AMBCD02] VA - Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies 2002

Artist......: VA
Album.......: Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies
Genre.......: Psychedelic
Style.......: Psy-Trance
Label.......: Ambivalent Records
Catalogue...: AMBCD02
Url.........: http://www.ambivalentrecords.com/
Source......: CDDA
Encoder.....: Lame 3.90.3
Bitrate.....: VBRkbps/44.1 Khz
Mode........: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date..: Jul-05-2002
Tracks......: 09
Playtime....: 68:32 min
Size........: 97,8 MB


01.Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Electrical Distributor
02.Deviant Species - Beaver Inverter
03.Charismatix vs Deviant Species - Equilibrium II
04.Deviant Species - Buss Conductor
05.Data Transfer Switch - In the Midst of Midi
06.Dark Soho - Weird Combination
07.Scorb - Mutoid
08.Shakta - Penumbra
09.Centrifugal Man - Gyroscopic Force

[AMBCD03] VA - Significant Elf Proclivity 2002

Artist: VA
Album: Significant Elf Proclivity
Label: Ambivalent Records
Catalog#: AMBCD3
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: Oct 2002
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psy-Trance
Bitrate: 256 kpbs
Playtime: 1:12:53
Release.Size.. 133 МБ


1.Floor Assignment - Enter Domestos
2.Deviant Species - Balojax (Remix)
3.Shift (2) - Oxygen
4.Harbingers Of Doom, The - Thwack
5.Scorb - Lunaris
6.Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Bizarre Gardening Incident
7.Deviant Species - Lapa Incordio
8.Shift (2) - Freakem
9.Unsound System - Goon

[AMBCD04] VA - Contra Polar Activity 2003

Artist...... VA
Album........ Contra Polar Activity
LaBEL........ Ambivalent Records
Catalog..... AMBCD4
Genre......... Psychedelic
Style.......... Psy-Trance
RLS.dATE..... Jun-03-2003
Bitrate...... 192kbps / 44,1kHz / STEREO
ENCODER...... Lame
TRACKS....... 09
PLAY.tiME.... 68:06 min
SiZE......... 93,6 MB


01.fizz tabs - beyond the u-bend
02.neural rectifier syndrome - fa
03.ground zero - wicked ways
04.scorb - 13.5 hours
05.mekano - damnbuka derby
06.scorb remix of deviant species
07.rinkadink - final kracken (rmx
08.lemurians - sacred darkness
09.unnatural rectangular disorder

[AMBCD05] Scorb - Scorb 2003

Artist........ Scorb
Album......... Scorb
Genre......... Psychedelic
Style.......... Psy-Trance,Dark
Label......... Ambivalent Records
Hyperlink..... http://www.ambivalentrecords.jp/mainright.html
Catalog....... AMBCD05
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.92
Bitrate....... 192kpbs
Mode.......... Full Stereo
Store.Date.... 2003-09
Release.Date.. 2003-10-07
Tracks........ 10
Playtime...... 75:50 min
Release.Size.. 104,1 MB


01.Scorb - Special Liquid
02.Scorb - 13.5 Hours
03.Scorb - The Aquarium
04.Scorb - Oracle
05.Scorb - Mutoid (extended)
06.Scorb - Drum War
07.Scorb - Klangman
08.Scorb - Metabolic Activity
09.Scorb - Psycore
10.Scorb - Stupid Science

[AMBCD06] Deviant Species - In The Hands Of The Randomiser 2004

Artist.....> Deviant Species
Album......> In The Hands Of The Randomiser
Type.......> Album
Genre......> Psychedelic
Style......> Dark Psy
Label......> Ambivalent Records
CatalogNr..> AMBCD6
Rel.date..> Nov 2004
cue........> Yes
URL........> http://www.ambivalentrecords.com/
Tracks..> 01
Source.......> CDDA
Lenght.....> 71:03 min
Grabber......> EAC
Size.......> 91,1 MB
Encoder......> Lame 3.95.1 APS
Quality......> VBRkbps / 44.1kHz
Channel Mode.> Joint-Stereo


01.Deviant Species - Voice of Thard
02.Deviant Species - Pincushion Man
03.Deviant Species - Shellless
04.Deviant Species - Thermal Boundaries
05.Deviant Species - the Retinal Circus
06.Deviant Species - in the Hands of the Randomiser
07.Deviant Species - A Night to Dismember
08.Deviant Species - Portal to Balojax
09.Deviant Species - the Entrapment of John Dory

[AMBCD07] VA - Further Ambivalent Tendencies 2006

Artist......: VA
Album.......: Further Ambivalent Tendencies
Genre.......: Psychedelic
Style.........: Psy-Trance,Dark
Label.......: Ambivalent Records
Catalogue...: AMBCD7
Url.........: http://www.ambivalentrecords.com/
Source......: CDDA
Encoder.....: Lame 3.90.3
Bitrate.....: VBRkbps/44.1 Khz
Mode........: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date..: Jun-09-2006
Rls.Date....: Jun-17-2006
Tracks......: 09
Playtime....: 66:11 min
Size........: 94,6 MB


01.Serious Porn Collector - Bloodlines
02.Squid Inc - Tilt
03.Scorb - Rave from the Grave (Squid Inc rmx v2)
04.Deviant Species vs Scorb - Jack the Kipper
05.NRS vs Far East Ghost - Knocked Out Goner
06.Scorb - Resonant Evil
07.Deviant Species - Iophant
08.RAM - (Theme from) Cole's Law (DJ Yod rmx)
09.Orzel's Machine - Centrifuge


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